Tris Emmy Wilson

Hi, I'm Tris (she/they). I'm a technical generalist with experience in software engineering/architecture, systems administration, and network engineering.

In no particular order (this list is randomized on page load):

Elsewhere on the Internet

libera (IRC)

dn42 peering

I have an open peering policy on dn42 as AS4242422502. I'm happy to peer with you at any of my active points of presence:

I prefer to build WireGuard tunnels (over IPv4 or IPv6) with multiprotocol sessions on IPv6 running inside. If you can support this, just send an email over to base64_decode(cGVlcmluZ0B0cmlzLmZ5aQ==) including your WireGuard endpoint, public key, ASN, and tunnel IPv4/IPv6 addresses. If not, send over details of your desired configuration and let's see what we can work out. Looking forward to peering with you :)

Other Links

pfSense helper userscript
Makes dealing with pfSense easier. Lets you paste CIDR-notation netmasks into network/prefix-length dropdown controls and paste comma-separated lists into input groups (like long firewall aliases). Adds copy-paste functionality to Firewall pages (copy this and paste onto a firewall rule edit page: type=accept;proto=udp;srctype=INTERFACE;dsttype=any;dstbeginport_cust=60000;dstendport_cust=61000).
Things I've learned, mostly for my own reference but lots of notes here are perfectly fit for public consumption.