Tris Emmy Wilson

Hi, I'm Tris (she/her). I'm a technical generalist with experience in software engineering/architecture, systems administration, and network engineering.

At work, I've built privileged access management tooling, applied configuration-as-code techniques across heterogeneous networks, and improved workflows for everything from purchase management to user provisioning. At home, I participate in dn42, hack on open-source software, and play/work on keyboard instruments. I also have some interest in constructed languages (mi ken toki kepeken toki pona).

If any of that sounds interesting to you, let's talk!

Elsewhere on the Internet

tris on, trixie on OFTC

dn42 peering

I have an open peering policy on dn42 as AS4242422502. I'm happy to peer with you at any of my active points of presence:

I prefer to build WireGuard tunnels (over IPv4 or IPv6) with multiprotocol sessions on IPv6 running inside. If you can support this, just send an email over to base64_decode(cGVlcmluZ0B0cmlzLmZ5aQ==) including your WireGuard endpoint, public key, ASN, and tunnel IPv4/IPv6 addresses. If not, send over details of your desired configuration and let's see what we can work out.

Other Links

pfSense helper userscript
Makes dealing with pfSense easier. Lets you paste CIDR-notation netmasks into network/prefix-length dropdown controls and paste comma-separated lists into input groups (like long firewall aliases). Adds copy-paste functionality to Firewall pages (copy this and paste onto a firewall rule edit page: type=accept;proto=udp;srctype=INTERFACE;dsttype=any;dstbeginport_cust=60000;dstendport_cust=61000).
Things I've learned, mostly for my own reference but lots of notes here are perfectly fit for public consumption.