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My Pomodoro tool

posted 2021-04-09

Back in February I wrote a Pomodoro tool which runs as a service on your own machine and communicates using MQTT. Here is how to use it:

I use this systemd unit in ~/.config/systemd/user/pomodoro.service (systemctl --user enable --now pomodoro.service):

Description=Pomodoro daemon service

ExecStart=/home/tris/.pyenv/shims/python3 %h/bin/


I use this config in my ~/.i3blocks.conf to display timer status:

command=mosquitto_sub -t pomodoro/statusline

I use these shell aliases also:

alias pom='mosquitto_pub -t pomodoro/command -m'
alias pt='pom trigger'

You can subscribe to the topics pomodoro/state and pomodoro/time-remaining from your own tools if you want to do stuff like send a notification whenever you should take a break.