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How I use Taskwarrior

posted 2022-08-25

Table of Contents

Taskwarrior is a neat command-line task tracking tool; this page describes how I use the tool, with explanations of my configuration.

The basics



I define periodic scripts which are supposed to automatically manage tags (e.g. retagging "+tomorrow" tasks to "+today") for me. This does not really work and I haven't had time to troubleshoot yet.

I also use periodics to build out a scheduled push notification tool.

Future improvements

I need to build out a better inboxing system. Right now, I add tasks to Taskwarrior when I remember to do so. I'd like a way to add tasks to a special "inbox" queue from any device (through a Tasker task, simple shell alias, whatever) and be nagged about them until I classify/prioritize them.

I need to get better at periodically reviewing tasks, making sure priorities are up to date, etc.

I need to fix the periodics system so it actually works.