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Flask test client custom response wrappers

posted 2020-10-13

In the Flask web framework, requests on test clients return response objects which have various attributes (data being the most important). It would be useful to be able to wrap the response objects to add utility methods that allow us to parse data and get application-specific attributes from the response. Fortunately, Werkzeug test clients, and thus Flask test clients, can be constructed with a custom response wrapper class. First define the response wrapper class (it can inherit from flask.wrappers.Response).

class CustomResponse(flask.wrappers.Response):
    def has_error(self):
        return b"Oh no something bad happened!" in

Then set response_class on the app:

app = get_flask_app()
app.response_class = CustomResponse
client = app.test_client()

Set app.response_class wherever you do other configuration on the Flask object. It probably isn't a good idea to set it for responses in production, depending on what you do with/where you make response objects available.